Faction: Liberation Front
Class: Spartan
Type: Light Vehicles
Ability: Passive: Detect Stealth, Stealth Hunter

Active: Tactical Observer

Company Points: 110 at MK1, 120 MK2, 135 MK3
Very good against: Air
Good against: Light
Health: 13,200 at MK1, 15,830 MK2, 17160 MK3
Damage: 280 at MK1, 336 MK2, 364 MK3
Resistance: N/A
Speed: 150
Range: 500
Vision: 1000
Offensive Cap. Rate: 72 MK1/MK2, 94 MK3
Defensive Cap. Rate: 38
Crit. Chance: 1% at MK 1/2, 0% at MK 3
Crit. Damage:
OoN Action 3
"Taking fire, need support immediately!"
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With a limited amount of resources available when compared to the Order of Nations, the Liberation Front is always looking for ways to add versatility to the vehicles in its armory. To this end, the modern-mechanical masterpiece known as Archimedes was born. Equipped with a top-mounted missile turret, it can attack both land and air targets from range. It also features an advanced radar system that reveals more of the terrain. Because of the complexities of managing so many systems, Archimedes requires a three-person crew. Advanced versions of this weapon are ideal for detecting enemy stealth units.
- Armory description


Archimededs or "Archies" are light scouting unit for the Liberation Front's Spartan. They are primarily used for Scouting, Capturing points and countering stealth units. The Archimededs are proficient in combat against light vehicles and aircraft. They are the only mobile anti-aircraft unit available to the Spartans.


Tactical ObserverEdit

Deploys a small tactical observer to the targeted location, providing vision in the area for 90 seconds.

Detect StealthEdit

Constantly detects stealthed units with a 300 radius.

Stealth Hunter (passive)Edit

Deals double damage to stealth units.

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