Faction: Liberation Front
Class: Spartan
Type: Heavy
Company Points: 140 at MK1, 155 MK 2, 180 MK 3
Very good against: Light
Good against: Heavy
Health: 24,300 at MK1, 29160 at MK2, 31590 at MK3
Damage: 400 at MK1, 480 at MK2, 520 at MK3
Resistance: 10% All marks
Speed: 100 All marks
Range: 450
Vision: 600
Offensive Cap. Rate: 28
Defensive Cap. Rate: 140
Crit. Chance: 1
Crit. Damage: 50%

The Ares is a tank in the Spartan class. While it do not carry as much firepower as the Titan, it has more emphasis in defense. Like the names suggests, the Ares is technically the same unit as the Mars fielded by the Patriot class, though they have slightly different Mk 3 abilities. They have the ability to dig in for increased defense and range.

Tough, rugged, and versatile, the Ares battle tank is the workhorse of the Spartan division. Having proved itself time and again against the larger and often times more numerous forces of the Order of Nations, a column of these treaded-terrors are a welcome sight in any front-line Liberation Front commander. Reinforced armor and relentless firepower make the Ares decidedly front-line unit. When dug in and entrenched, they become near impossible to destroy and gain added range to their weapon systems. Only the most battle-tested soldiers are allowed to command these tanks.



Cooldown 15 seconds, Duration Unlimited

Becomes immobile but gains 20% damage resistance, 50% Vision and 50% Weapons Range, increased to 30%, 65%, 65% at Mk 3. Takes about 10 seconds to accomplish.

Move OutEdit

Cooldown 15 seconds, Duration Unlimited

Becomes mobile again but loses aforementioned bonuses. Takes about 1 second to accomplish.


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