The Badger in the Armory
Faction: Mercenary
Type: Heavy
Ability: Active: Entrenchment
Company Points: 100
Very good against: Heavy
Good against: Aircraft
Health: 14,800
Damage: 330
Speed: 100
Range: 450
Vision: 600
Offensive Cap. Rate: 20
Defensive Cap. Rate: 80
Crit. Chance: 1%
Crit. Damage: 495


Understanding that their commander's ultra-heavy artillery vehicle would quickly become a priority target by enemy aircraft, the Badger was created. This anti-air rocket tank watches the skies, shooting down any would-be bombers before they can release their payloads.

Active AbilitiesEdit


Entrenchment gives the Badger, an additional 20% resistance, 50% vision, and 50% range. Also, the Badger becomes immobile.

OoN Action 3
"Taking fire, need support immediately!"
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