Blue WaterEdit

This is the guide page for the map Blue Water //have information about the map here, but since we don´t know if it is going to be in the finish game or not it is not important. Also a picture of the map

Plz note that all guides shall stand in alphabetic order after //not sure after what yet, either units, playstile (hit and run, streamrolling and so on) or maybe player name

//This is just a test page right now

Shadow Revolution tacticEdit


Revenger and Beaker by NodDragon(link)

Honeybee and Chaosdrones by NodDragon the 2nd(link)

and so on...


Shadowmaker and Beaker by NodDargon the great(link)

Dreadfires and Oblivion Drones by NodDragon yet again(link)

Liberation Front tacticEdit


Titan and Shiva by LF Dragon(link)

Aesir and Mars by LF Nod(link)


Chiron and Hydra by NodDragoniss(link)

Ares and Helios by A-Guy-Who-Have-Run-Out-Of-Names(link)