Faction: Liberation Front
Class: Spartan
Type: Heavy
Ability: Tank Bombardment
Company Points: 250 at MK1, 275 MK2, 325 MK3
Very good against: Light
Good against: Heavy
Health: 30,600 at MK1, 36,720 MK2, 39780 MK 3
Damage: 320 at MK1, 384 MK2, 465 MK3
Resistance: 25%
Speed: 80
Range: 450
Vision: 1,000
Offensive Cap. Rate: 50
Defensive Cap. Rate: 200
Crit. Chance: 1%
Crit. Damage:
Tank Bombardment

Damage Type

Area of Effect


600 Damage per Second MK 1/2, 900 dps MK 3


15 seconds, may be ended earlier by user.


90 seconds

Additional Effects

Slow enemies 25%, 35% at Mk 3


0, cannot move

The Colossus was conceived as the Liberation Front's answer to the myraid of ultra-heavy units being fielded by the Order of Nations. Large, awe-inspiring and tough, the Colossus can take a severe beating while still dishing out substantial amounts of firepower. Although slower and slightly less armored than Titan, the Colossus more than makes up for this in its armament and broad versatility in dealing destruction to the enemy. Its multiple cannons (both standard and heavy) make its damage output the effective equivalent of several Titan and Ares units (this is not true in-game unless you use Tank Bombardment effectively).


Tank BombardmentEdit

Cooldown: 90 seconds, Duration: 15 seconds or when user orders Colossus to attack a specific target (minimum duration approx. 5 seconds)

600 damage per second to enemies in targeted area and 25% slowing at MK 1/2. MK 3 has 900 DPS and 35% slowing.

OoN Action 3
"Taking fire, need support immediately!"
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