Guides for PhantomEdit

This is the guide page for Phantom. Here you will find guides for units, heroes, turrets, abilities and companies build-up. Plz note that all but the companies set-up are only homogen-guides (need to find a better word, which is not mono, since none of those two words which mean one are sounding good)

/However this will leave things like my guides where both the unit itself but also companies are mention in out, so this I will have to think about...


Shadowmaker by somebody(link)

Defience by itself(link)

Raven by a-bird(link)

and so on


Beaker by a-mad-scientist(link)

and so on


Cluster Missisle Turret by Scientist-A(link)

and so on


Reboot by EMP-Grenate(link)

Company Set-upEdit

Shadowmaker and Beaker by NodDragon(link)