The Helios in the Armory
Faction: Liberation Front
Class: Spartan
Type: Heavy
Ability: Power to Engines
Company Points: 180 at MK1, 200 MK2, 235 MK3
Very good against: Infantry
Good against: Light
Health: 34,000 at MK1, 40,800 MK2, 44,200 MK3
Damage: 240 at MK1, 288 MK2, 312 MK3
Speed: 80
Range: 325 MK 1/2, 350 MK3
Vision: 600
Offensive Cap. Rate: 54
Defensive Cap. Rate: 126
Crit. Chance: 0%
Crit. Damage:
Power to Engines


+50% MK 1/2, +75% MK 3


+30% MK 1/2, +40% MK3




10 seconds


Helios are a heavy tank used my Spartan Commanders. Based on Active Denial System technology around the turn of the century, the Liberation Front first developed an interest in directed energy weaponry as an alternative to those which constantly depleted vast amount of ammunition. The Helios is equipped with a heavy tank chassis and a microwave-energy beam-weapon that devastates infantry and light vehicles by super heating water vapor in the air it inflicts damage on a molecular level. Because of its slow speed when firing, it's susceptible to fast-moving enemy units and long range artillery. The Helios is the most heavy armored vehicle in the Spartan arsenal.


Power To EnginesEdit

Cooldown 10 seconds, Duration Unlimited The Helios folds up its weapon and redirects it power output, gaining 50% speed, 30% damage resistance. MK 3 has +75% speed and +40% resistance

Power to WeaponsEdit

Cooldown 10 seconds, Duration unlimited

Loses bonus speed and resistance but regains weapons capability.

OoN Action 3
"Taking fire, need support immediately!"
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