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Judge in the Armory
Faction: Liberation Front
Type Light
Passive ability Judgment

Scales of Justice

Active ability Tactical Recon

EMP Grenade

Company Points 200
Can Attack Air Units Yes
RPS Great Aircraft
RPS Good Light
Health 16,000
Damage 400
Resistance 0%
Speed 150
Range 500
Vision 1,200
Offensive Cap. 140
Defensive Cap. 60
Crit. Damage 50%


As a Dallas judge, Raymond Waller has always had an idealized view of the law. Waller refused to accept the collapse of the judicial system as the Order rose to power and seized control of Dallas. As lawlessness and rioting erupted on the streets in the Great Crisis' early days, Waller barricaded the Courthouse, organized and defended town-hall meetings while overseeing food distribution to the remaining law-abiding citizens. Soon, nearby bands of marauders besieged the courthouse, anxious to liberate the food and supplies inside. The Order refused to provide aid to Judge Walker's group because they had not pledged to them his loyalty. The marauders broke through the courthouse's defenses and burned it to the ground along with the 200 or more citizens seeking refuge inside. Judge Raymond was forced to watch the courthouse burn to the ground as a battle broke out between the marauders and the Liberation Front. Soon after, he joined the Liberation Front in an effort to bring law to the lawless and protect the innocent. Waller was promoted quickly through the ranks of the Liberation Front based on his strong ethics and adherence to military structure.



Scales of JusticeEdit

The Judge lower the cost of all Light vehicles in its company by 15%.


The Judge increases the damage done by his allies by 25% to enemies that are below 40% health and within range of his aura.


Tactical ReconEdit

Tactical Recon deploys a small tactical observer. It provides vision, stealth detection, and offensive influence. It duration is 120 seconds with a 180 second cooldown.

EMP GrenadeEdit

EMP Grenade stuns enemies for 3 seconds. It has a 90 second cooldown.


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