The Right Honorable
Mary Dickinson
Portrait MaryDickinson
Biographical information
Gender Female
Political information
Affiliation Liberation Front
Nationality British
Rank Lord Chancellor
OoN Action 3
"Taking fire, need support immediately!"
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Mary Dickinson who was serving as the Lord Chancellor of England was one of the people who refused to give up control of their people when the Order took over. She began coordinating the efforts of the Liberation Front, along with General Alec Chase.


Born to a working class family, Mary Dickinson attended law school, entered politics, and quickly rose to the position of Lord Chancellor.

In the aftermath of the U.N.’s invasion of Great Britain, Dickinson, facing a death sentence for refusing to pledge loyalty to the Order, fled, ultimately meeting General Chase and founding the Liberation Front. Dickinson’s goal: overthrow the Order and reconstitute the world’s pre-Crisis governments.