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Orbital Laser Hack
Faction: Shadow Revolution
Class: Phantom
Type: Direct Damage
Target: Area on the ground
Duration: 5 Seconds at MK1

2 Seconds at MK2

Cooldown: 180 Seconds at MK1

240 Seconds at MK2

Cost: 700 at MK1

1,300 at MK2

Calls down an orbital laser strike at the targeted area, causing damage to all enemy units in its selected path. The Mark II variant increases the damage output and width of the laser.
- Armory description

Orbital Laser Hack (OLH) bypasses any damage resistance. The RPS of OLH is great against Heavy, good aginst Light, and cannot attack Aircraft. OLH does about 5,000 damage at Mark I and 8,000 at Mark II.