Rolling Thunder
Archimedes under the effect of Rolling Thunder
Faction: Liberation Front
Class: Spartan
Type: Buff Ally
Target: All units of targeted commander
Duration: 15 Seconds at MK1 and MK2
Cooldown: 60 Seconds
Cost: 150 at MK1

300 at MK2

Authorizes the temporary deactivation of allied units' governors providing a greatly increased movement speed.
- Armory description


Rolling Thundergrants all units of the targeted commander a 50% increase in movement speed, making it ideal for chasing units, that are otherwise too fast for the slow Spartan tanks. Other than providing slower units like the Helios or Colossus an boost in speed, it can also be used to let quicker units, such as the Archimedes or an allied Patriot's Aesirs, rush for neutral points and capture them, before the enemy gets there.

Mark IIEdit

At Mark II, Rolling Thunder makes all affected units immune to stuns and slowing effects, however the speed increase and duration stay the same.

OoN Action 3
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