OoN Action 3
"Taking fire, need support immediately!"
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Ahh the test subjects have arrived. Let's analyse their combat responsiveness!
- Sevastian Korvus gloating.

General Sevastian Korvus was one of the Order of Nations' most venerated leaders, and it's head from an unknown date, all way until his death during the assault on Widow's Wall.


Not much is known about Korvus. However, he has been described by Shadow Revolution member Monkh Erdene as a pompous egomaniac who is hell-bent on crushing any resistance to the Order. Erdene also mentions that Korvus is a technophile and prefers advanced high-tech weaponry more than conventional & old-fashioned ones. This habit, along with his apparent descent into madness was demonstrated earlier on during the conflict, when he used orbital laser weaponry to essentially split Seoul, South Korea into two halves separated by a crevice.

Sevastian Korvus met his end, when Coalition forces assisted by both Liberation Front & Shadow Revolution troops, led by Alec Chase & Monkh Erdene respectively assaulted Order of Nations Acropolis base at Widow's Wall, Russia. Korvus was stationed in this base along with a piece of technology called 'Siege Cortex', that both Liberation Front & Shadow Revolution wanted to retrieve, and one of his inventions - a continental bombardment weapon called Typhoon Cannon. Korvus, who was apparently operating the cannon the whole time, presumably met his demise once the cannon was destroyed and it collapsed unto itself.