Shadow Revolution
Renegade Order of Nations Faction
Destroy the establishment. Carve your own destiny.
Type: Military organization
Ideology: Authoritarianism
Order. Security. Control.
- Shadow Revolution motto

The Shadow Revolution is one of the two playable factions in the game End of Nations.


A few people believe that the new regime's oppression of the people was far too violent. These dissidents were killed, including Donald Poole who oversaw the rule of Eastern Europe. His son, Robert Poole, and Sabal Dasgupta came together and secretly formed an army of their own known as the Shadow Revolution.

They are supplied with stolen weapons and technology, along with knowledge of the inner workings of the Order. They are trying to realize Pierre Frenay's vision of firm but benevolent rule.

The Shadow Revolution has two classes, the Wraith and Phantom classes, each having their own advantages, and special abilities.

Overall the Shadow Revolution is focused on cheaper, faster and more numerous units.