Shadowmaker armory
The Shadowmaker in the Armory
Faction: Shadow Revolution
Class: Phantom
Type: Heavy
Ability: Steath Field Generator
Company Points: 200 at MK1

220 at MK2

260 at MK3

Health: 36,500 at MK1

43,800 at MK2

47.450 at MK3

Damage: 730 at MK1

876 at MK2 949 at MK3

DPS: 146 at MK1, 176 at MK2

190 at MK3

Speed: 100
Range: 400
Vision: 600
Offensive Cap. Rate: 40
Defensive Cap. Rate: 160
Equipped with an active stealth system, the Shadowmaker can create "stealth holes" around itself, allowing friendly units to become "cloaked". Its advanced weapon system allow it to hold up against other heavy tanks. Reports that the Shadowmaker´s stealth technology was looted from Areal 51 remain unconfirmed
- Armory description


The Shadowmaker is a heavy vehicle and allows the player to set up ambush with its stealth field generator, which stealth nearby friendlies. The Shadowmaker is slower than most SR units, but it make up for this by being the SR unit with most health if you ignore heroes. The Shadowmaker is not designed to deal damage (though it is perfectly capable of doing so), but instead it is designed to be used as a damage soaker (ie. tanking) with its massive number of hitpoints. It can also generate a stealth field around itself in exchange for mobility, effectively providing Advanced Stealth to all nearby friendly units.


Stealth Field GeneratorEdit

An aura that grants all nearby allied ground units advanced stealth but immobilizes the Shadowmaker. At MK3 the ability slows the Shadowmaker by 60% instead of immobilizing it.

Terminate Stealth Field GeneratorEdit

Cancels the Stealth Field Generator aura and the Shadowmaker regains its normal speed.


Good againstEdit

Since the Shadowmaker is not designed for damage dealing as most other Phantom units, the Shadowmaker will normaly have a hard time getting something killed, but it can withstand a lot of damage before it's destroyed. A group of Shadowmakers can deal with other heavy companies, but expect loses in a straight up combat. The best thing the Shadowmaker brings into the battlefield is the stealth field, able to hide teammates under its influence, allowing them to attack with impunity or to put up a line where units can get to one point to another point without being spotted. Note that 2 Shadowmakers with activated stealth fields will cloak each other. In PvP, you can also use multiple Shadowmakers to confuse your enemies into thinking that you have units hidden under its cloak and have them waste special abilities and superweapons on an otherwise empty space.

Weak againstEdit

The Shadowmaker has no anti-air attacks, so all air units are a threat against it. On the same time it can´t really deal with most other ground units as good as other units can, but most light units which is not anti-heavy can be destroyed by the Shadowmaker and mostly without a lost. Units with splash attack such as Helios or Shiva is normally something to be avoided since they can unstealth units by hitting them with their attacks, rendering the Shadowmaker's ability useless. Also, be mindful of detector units like Archimedes and Harpy, since they can see through your stealth. While they have quite decent firepower, using them as an offensive unit by themselves is generally ill advised, since they cost a lot of supplies, and lighter units with similar amount of supplies gives you more firepower. They are also very slow and have a hard time retreating from battle. They are also very expensive to replace and are painful to lose.