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This guide is base about units on mark 1, since it is created to beginners, but can be used by higher level players. Mark 2 and mark 3 will only get mentions if they got difference speed, range or ability compare to mark 1.



Mark 1 states:

Health: 36500

Damage: 530

Shared states for all marks

Speed of fire: 5s

Range: 400

Speed: 100

Vision: 600

Offensive capture: 40

Defensive capture: 160


The Shadowmaker is a heavy vehicle and allow the player to set up ambush with its stealth field generator, which stealth nearby friendlies. The Shadowmaker is slower than most SR units, but it make up for this by being that SR unit with most health if you look away from heroes. The Shadowmaker is not directly designed for combat, but are able to slow down the enemy´s advancement with it health. You will normal see it used for defensive purposes.

The Shadowmaker got 3 dots vs heavy, 2 dots vs light and can´t hit air.



The Shadowmaker don´t have a passive ability


Stealth Field Generator: The stealth field generator prevents the Shadowmaker from moving (Mark 3 gets a moment speed of 40) and create a zone where all friendly units gain advance stealth, which mean they can move and fire without being visible. The ability is toggle on and off and there go a moment from the it get toggle on/off before it happens since it got a deploying time.


Good againstEdit

Since the Shadowmaker is not designed for combat as most other units are, the Shadowmaker will normal have a hard time get something killed, but it can suck a lot of damage before it will be destroyed. A group of Shadowmakers can deal with other heavy companies, but be prepared on losing units in a straight up combat. The best thing the Shadowmaker bring with into the battlefield is the stealth field, where it can hide teammates under, allowing them to get extra shorts in or to put up a line where units can get to one point to another point without being spotted.

Weak againstEdit

The Shadowmaker got no anti-air attacks, so all air units are a threat against it. On the same time it can´t really deal with most other ground units as good as other units can, but most light units which is not anti-heavy can be destroyed by the Shadowmaker and mostly without a lost. Units with splash attack or Shiva is normal something to be avoiding since they can unstealth units by hitting them with their attacks rendering the Shadowmaker´s ability useless.

Micro level:Edit

Low: The micro level of the Shadowmaker is normal low, since it will be using it stealth field most of the time and because of that got no speed. You might use it in combat as a tank unit on enemy point, where you want to pull the wounded Shadowmaker back, while getting another one up close. But it is nothing intense micro needed for.

Companies: Edit

Some of the companies the Shadowmaker can be used with. Each company name also mention what they are best used as If there is mention a level after name and what the company is used for, it means when that company will start be useful. The hotkeys are how you normal want yours units on, but you can put them as you want.

Mono-Shadowmakers (Defense/Offence)Edit

The mono-shadowmaker company is mainly used to create panic at the enemy, since you want to hit straight into an enemy point and start tanking, while your teammates do the rest of the fighting. The Shadowmakers will do quite a lot of damage, but for the most time you want to activate their stealth field, so they can hide your teammates units while they are fighting the enemies on the point itself, allowing for a faster capture of that point then else. This company can also lock down a friendly point and make it near impossible for the enemy to capture, since you will be able to field at least 5 Shadowmakers or have a defensive capture on 800 which will slow down the enemy a lot.


You will always want to have a Jamming Frequency Platform with you into combat, this turret will deactivate the enemies ability inside it range, forcing them to deal with you even slower than else. Else you want Cluster turrets with you to have anti air support, this will only keep the air off a moment so you want your teammates with close by.

As for CA you want at least two if not four Repair Subroutine with you to stay on bringing your Shadowmakers back to life, forcing your enemies to use even more time on capturing a point or defending their point, allowing for teammates to reinforce and fight off the enemies.


You want mainly only health mods on your Shadowmakers, so they can stay on tanking for the longest time possible, but else damage mods if you got room left.

When to fight and when to run:Edit

You want to stay as long time possible on a friendly point allowing your teammates to reinforce, but if they don´t make a move to the point, it will be for the best to make a run too save as many Shadowmakers as possible. The same counts for when you assault a point, if your teammates are falling back so will you want too to save as many Shadowmakers as possible. You will normal want to keep a distance from heavy and infantry companies if you don´t have teammates close by to help you.

This company can also be put in between two enemy points or one enemy point and one that is contended since most players will send their units over points they hold to keep their units safe.


With you mono-Shadowmakers you want to split them up in at least two groups and sign them 1 and 2. You also want to have them all in one group as number 3. If you can you want to have each group to tank as much before you allow the other group to tank, so you can send one group back to healing, so you don´t have to split up the groups when you get them back to heal.

Shadowmakers, Ravagers and Stalker (Defense/Offence)Edit

This company is built around the range offered by the Ravager, who got a range on 1200, vision on 300 and a speed on 80. Since the Shadowmakers will be deployed so they stealth each other and the ravagers, you will either requite teammates to spot for you or you will need at least one stalker to be deployed with its Concealed Fire ability. One important thing to remember is to hold fire with the Stalker, so only detecting can show her off. This means that the company at least shall have one Stalker, two Shadowmakers for the best stealth and the rest shall be Ravagers.

This company can help your teammates to ravage an enemy hold on a point or help defense a friendly point from a distance with the Ravagers. Note that Ravagers can be traced, which mean you either want to hold at a heavily defensed point, have teammates close by or be moving around at times.


You want a Jamming Frequency Platform with you to keep off enemy abilities, else you want Cluster turrets for the anti-air, but this will only keep off air for a moment.

As for CAs you want one Repair Subroutine with you, else Reboot or Mechanical Collapse will be great abilities to have with you. The Reboot to remove any negative effects from your units mainly the Ravagers, while Mechanical Collapse to prevent the enemies from repairing their units between shorts.


You want health mods on the Shadowmakers in case of the enemies get close to you. The Ravagers will have a great time with damage mods, while the Stalker will need vision mods for better spotting.

When to fight and when to run:Edit

You want to fight t anything that the Ravagers can hit, which is not to close so the enemy poses a threat for you. Or said in another way, you want to fight anything that is fare away and run away so some the enemies are coming in you direction to save your units. The Stalker you want to keep in hold-fire mode and have placed between points or routes the enemy normal takes to get around.


You want your Shadowmakers in group 1, since their will use they abilities for the most time. The Ravagers you want to sign them to group 2. The Stalker you want as group 3. You also want to sign your Shadowmakers and Ravagers into one group to 4, so you can order them at the same time, and then put all your units into 5.

Shadowmakers and Defiants (Defense/Offence)Edit

The Defiants/Shadowmakers company is both defense and an offence company, where the Defiants serve as the offensive units and shall be used as hit and run units while pick off the enemies units. The Shadowmakers is a defensive unit with a speed of 100 and got the ability to stealth nearby units and other Shadowmakers. The Shadowmaker got 3 dots vs heavy and two dots vs light. The Shadowmaker is used to hold points since it ability remove all they movement speed, (Mark 3 got a moment speed of 40) this make them perfect to hold points since if you got 2+ they will stealth each other forcing the enemy to use area-attack as Napalm Strike or units ability as the Hydras gas attack.

You want minimal two Shadowmakers and the rest to be Defiants. As you gain more points for units, you might want the number of Shadowmakers to be raised to 4, making them very hard to knock off a point they are holding on.


You want the Jamming Frequency Platform, since it prevents the use of abilities and with that remove some of the threats against the stealthed Shadowmakers. You want to place your turrets a little away from your Shadowmakers to make sure that CAs and area damage don´t hit the Shadowmakers. You also want to have Cluster turrets with you to deal with air for a moment.

A quite good CA for this company would be the Repair Subroutine, since it allows you to buy more time for you and your teammates to reinforce the points and push of the LF assault. So you might want two of this CA with you, the rest of the room for CA don´t really matter and you can use them as you will.


Great mods for the Shadowmakers will be health mods allowing them to hold a point for even longer than normal. At the same reason you want to give you Defiants damage mods, since you can be sure that most LF will be concentrating about the Shadowmakers.

When to fight and when to run:Edit

As normal you always want to keep you Defiants out of close combat as long time you can, while the Shadowmakers most of the time will only be in close combat. But most of the times you can expect to lose your Shadowmakers, since they will need to go from Stealth mode back to normal mode and then start running away. Another thing you can do if you get ambush when you are moving you Shadowmakers and Defiants together is to use the stealth field generator, but this will only work so long time there is no detector unit around.


Here you want yours Shadowmakers in group 1 since they mostly are going to be in stealth mode or tanking, while you want the Defiants in group 2, and them all in group 3. When you get more Defiants you might want to split them up in each their group and put them in 3 and 4, and move the all group to 5.

How to fight ShadowmakersEdit

When you encounter companies where there is mostly Shadowmakers you want to concentrate about a single Shadowmakers at a time. If you only encounter a company with only a few Shadowmakers which got the purpose to stealth the rest of the company, concentrate your fire on the rest of the company if you got a detector with you, else you will be forced to destroy the Shadowmakers first.

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