A Shiva in the Armory
Faction: Liberation Front
Class: Spartan
Type: Heavy
Ability: Active: Stasis

Passive: Piercing Shot

Company Points: 180 at MK1

200 at MK2

235 at MK3

Health: 15,000 at MK1

18,000 at MK2

19,500 at MK3

Damage: 1,300 at MK1

1,560 at MK2

1,690 at MK3

Resistance: 0%
Speed: 80
Range: 900
Vision: 750
Offensive Cap. Rate: 63
Defensive Cap. Rate: 63
Crit. Chance: 1%
Crit. Damage: 50% added to base damage

The schematics for the Shiva were recovered from an abandoned weapons lab located in the Carpathian Mountains that is rumored to be where Sevastian Korvus conducted many of his prototype-proving challenges. A single shot from its rail gun is capable of passing though multiple targets and inflicts large amounts of damage, all without corresponding loss in performance.



Temporarily locking the Shiva down, making it invulnerable from damage for a short period of time, in which it must stay stationary. When at level 15 and you acquire Mark III Shivas, they can move while in Stasis. This can be useful when the enemy is focus firing one of your units and not paying attention when the Shiva enters Stasis mode.

Piercing ShotEdit

A passive ability for the Shiva, it makes all shots from the Shiva pass through multiple targets in a line, so if your able to micromanage your Shivas into a fan-like formation, you could be able to hit all enemies in a cone. It's, of course, recommended that you stay behind another Spartan class commander as they can take more damage than the fragile Shiva.


The Shiva is best used in situations where the enemy is clotted and stationary, and is best kept at range if at all possible. It is recommended you work in tight communication with a Patriot that can help you by healing and covering you. Use an Athena Station by your units so that you can keep as much fire off of you as possible, if at all possible. As long as your out of range of your enemy, your Shivas will be highly effective.

The shots of the Shiva can pass through multiple targets, which makes dealing with clots or blobs of enemies easy and clean. Regardless of how many the shot passes through, it does the same amount of damage to each target, making it the ultimate crowd control weapon.