Stealth is available for units typically owned by a Phantom commander in the Shadow Revolution. Stealth allows the unit to become cloak and it is a great way to sneak up on enemies and ambush them. There are 3 types of Stealth Modes: Stealth, Improved Stealth, Advanced Stealth.

  1. Stealth: Unit is cloaked when is stationary, it will be revealed when moving, shooting.
  2. Improved Stealth: Unit can be cloaked while on the move, but it will be revealed when it starts shooting.
  3. Advanced Stealth: Units will be cloaked at all times until detected.


Units that can detect stealth are Archimedes, the Judge's Tactical Recon, Aesir, Harpy (when stationary). Turrets that can detect stealth are the Cannon Turret and Odin's Eye. The Commander Ability Tiresias Field can also detect stealth.

Breaking StealthEdit

One limitation with the stealth system in End of Nations is area of effect damage. When a unit in End of Nations takes any damage, its stealth mode, no matter the level, is automatically dropped for several seconds. Continued damage will continue to prevent stealth from being reapplied. This means that area of effect damage, such as from the Commander Ability Napalm Strike will cancel and prevent stealth on all units hit, and can make maintaining stealth in large battles a challenge.

Units and Turrets With StealthEdit


Improved StealthEdit

Advanced StealthEdit