Hello everyone! I'm very pleased with the amount of effort wonderful the wonderful community members have been putting into the Wiki! Some of the community's finest, the_killer, Disconsented, Voice, Black Talon, and others have been assisting with the Wiki, It's coming along very well.

Now onto the subject at hand. I know that many love to have a Wiki with a lot of informative passages and guides, but don't forget to show some love to Screenshots as well!

Here are the guidelines for screenshots -

  • Try to do it in as high Graphics settings as possible!
  • When doing the unit info box that is seen at the top of a page, try to take that screenshot from within the armory, so that it's a familiar place so nobody asks where they took the picture.
  • Crop out unnecessary UI elements like your HUD or chat so that we only see the unit in action!

Thank you everyone, keep up the good work!

- Rozak

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