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    December 1, 2012 by Nealybealy

    I recorded some gameplays back in Closed beta test 4, and I'm going to post some info I took down from them.

    All of the Achievements in the version I was playing.


    • Complete the map without upgrading any of the factories.

    Damage King!

    • Deal 10,000,000 damage.

    Fort Commander

    • Destroy 3,000 enemies.

    Fort Sergeant

    • Destroy 2,000 enemies.

    Fort Defender

    • Destroy 1,000 enemies.

    Fully Automatic

    • Upgrade all 3 factories.

    I can't be stopped

    • Control 5 victory points for 15 minutes.

    Iron Defense

    • Both factories must remain above 50% health.

    More Money More Problems

    • Capture all resource points.

    Raw Materials Race

    • Gather 2500 raw materials within 5 minutes from the start of the map.

    Steel Wall

    • Complete map with the Water and Fall Back Factory.

    Victory is Mine

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