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  • Privatejfx141

    I have seen Eon voice's own End of Nations wiki for "personal glory". I suggest that wiki should be merged with this wiki in order to keep the community as one. I think staff should be contacted about this. We can't stand having two wikis on a single game. Having two wikis about the same content separates the the entire community into two.

    If Eon voice doesn't agree to any of this and the fact that he is going to split the community in half, give him a temporary ban.


    Wikia's Merging Policy:

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  • Privatejfx141

    I keep on now seeing people creating templates such as AbilityBox and BuildingBox. I think we should just expand the already existing UnitBox template in order to prevent confusion.

    Also, I have seen people adding "Characters" and their faction affiliation category. The categories: Order of Nations Characters, Liberation Front Characters, and Shadow Revolution Characters are enough.

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  • Privatejfx141

    Article Layout

    October 11, 2012 by Privatejfx141

    I have been seeing alot of new articles appearing on this wiki, but I tend now see them to be out of order, having messed up templates, and unorganized pictures. Here's what I think the layout should be (I have based this off the C&C wiki)

    Short sentence providing the name, type, affiliation and game in which the unit/building appears should be written here. Details should also be written here.

    Tactics and strategies on using the unit should be on the next paragraph.

    If possible, add a section explaining the history, equipment, weapons and all other lore-related stuff is explained.

    Any of the unit's abilities.

    The unit's primary ability.

    The unit's secondary ability.

    This is the section where you add images about the unit in the form of a gallery…

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