The White Mouse was never meant for front-line combat. Instead its small size and quick speed make it ideal for sneaking behind enemy lines and marking targets for the Moose to obliterate with its massive artillery barrages.
- Armory description
OoN Action 3
"Taking fire, need support immediately!"
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White Mouse
The White Mouse in the Armory
Faction: Mercenary
Type: Light
Ability: Active: Mark Target

Passive: Sensors and Advanced Stealth

Company Points: 50
Health: 5,000
Damage: N/A
Speed: 150
Vision: 600
Offensive Cap. Rate: 25
Defensive Cap. Rate: 25


Theres fast and stealth units are great for spoting for Moose and even do some extera damage with Mark Target. They also can be stealth detectors to protect Moose.



Mark TargetEdit

The targeted unit takes an 100% increase in damage for 10 seconds.


Advanced StealthEdit


Sensors give the white Mouse an additional 50% vision and 400 stealth detection when the unit is stealthed.

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